PubHubPubHub is a free monthly event series put on by the Casco Bay Technology Hub for the public.

Each month up to 100 of Portland’s business, tech, and entrepreneurship focused professionals attend PubHub to learn, share ideas, and grow together. The events feature a speaker who is a local innovator that has a successful story to tell. The speaker shares their experiences and insight on technology, business growth, innovation and entrepreneurship.

PubHub this month will feature Susan Corbett, CEO at Axiom Technologies, a telecommunications company developing solutions for rural broadband deployment in Maine.

Forgoing standard cable connections, Axiom identified wireless technology as the best solution for super-rural last-mile connections in Maine. Since 2005, Corbett and her team have brought high-speed Internet service to Washington County with over 90 Access Points, creating an umbrella over 2,500 square miles.

Ms. Corbett will discuss the challenges of starting Washington County’s only Broadband/IT company and her mission to provide broadband to the unserved homes and businesses in our state. With all of the news surrounding the Broadband industry lately, we hope you will come prepared with questions for Ms. Corbett.

April's Event

When: Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 6:00 PM

Where: Casco Bay Technology Hub, 30 Danforth St., Suite 206, Portland, ME 04101

Who: Susan Corbett, CEO at Axiom Technologies

How: PubHub would not be possible without our generous sponsors: J.B. Brown & SonsTime Warner CableBaxter Brewing Co.Maine Mead Works, Hall Internet Marketing, and Harris Media Services.

April's Featured Speaker

Ms. Corbett speaks publicly throughout Maine advocating for rural broadband and is dedicated to the mission of bringing broadband to every resident and business. Ms. Corbett was chosen as Bangor Daily New’s “11 People to Watch in 11″, is a 2010 MaineBiz Women to Watch awardee, and the 2011 WIPP AT&T Technology Innovator for the Year for the State of Maine.

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PubHub is a Non-Solicitation Environment

Our goal is to create a space that encourages free and open discussion of technology & entrepreneurship and the associated challenges that we all face here in Maine. We ask that all attendees respect the speaker, sponsors and other attendees and refrain from using this event to solicit new business.

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